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student James opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
San Francisco, 01.2017
Today was my first experience with the Polish language. Łukasz provided a wonderfully varied, interesting, challenging, and rewarding class. He has a very good, modular approach. We worked on greetings, sounds of the language + diphthongs, the alphabet, numbers, formal and informal greetings, pronunciation, basic listening comprehension, and a bit of Polish culture at the end. All of it was approachable due to Łukasz's friendly approach and very well-developed, fun, and engaging teaching style. I will definitely book another class with him. Dziękuję, Łukasz! Do zobaczenia.
student Andrzej opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Londyn, 09.2017
Łukasz is a truly outstanding teacher - bright, fun, caring and very well-prepared. As an absolute beginner, I began this first session not speaking a single word of Polish. By the end of it, Łukasz had taught me how to introduce myself, greet people at different times of the day (both formally and informally), pronounce all the letters of the Polish alphabet, distinguish the subtle differences between similar-sounding words, and also to ask and answer some simple questions ("Co to jest?", "Kto to jest?"). In addition, we covered the words left/right and the numbers 1-10. He is enthusiastic and clearly cares a lot about his students. He tailors his explanations to suit you as an individual - for example he helpfully referenced the ways in which Polish is similar to other languages I know, like Spanish and French. And finally, he made the whole hour immensely enjoyable by varying the pace and using different methods, exercises and fields of reference throughout. Dziękuję bardzo! :-) Great session where we covered so much vocabulary and grammar, via engaging exercises and a lot of practice in asking and answering questions in Polish. As ever, Łukasz was dedicated, fun and explained everything in a clear and informative way with an abundance of useful examples. His post-lesson PDF homework materials are always rich and varied too. I would highly recommend Łukasz as a teacher to anyone wanting to learn Polish.
student Susan opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Brisbane, 8.2019
Dziękuje! That was an excellent lesson.
student Sonoko opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Tokio, 4.2019
Dziękuję bardzo. He is so helpful for me. I recommend him for every person who want to study Polish. I can't wait talk next time.
student Gemma opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Birmingham, 08.2019
Positive atmosphere, well prepared, interesting mix of activities, understanding of pedagogy, very good explanations. One of the best teachers on italki – dziękuję.
student Justin opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Tajpej, 5.2019
Dziękuję bardzo za lekcję! To bardzo mi pomaga :)
student Michael opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Berlin, 03.2019
Perfectly prepared and great introductory lesson.
student Gary opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Hongkong, 02.2019
It was my very first Polish lesson. We started with pronunciations and Łukasz really helped me a lot with clarifying some ambiguities. It's systematic, well-planned and enjoyable. Hope we can have the next lesson soon :)
student Mira opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Odessa, 03.2019
The experience was excellent! We discussed all my requirements and agreed on the specific program. Even a trial lesson was well planned and performed. I become a student! :)
student Richard opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Nowy Jork, 02.2019
Great first lesson! Dziękuję!
student Rob opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Boston, 01.2019
The lesson with Lukasz today was excellent. He is very methodical in his presentation of the material and able keep the lesson entirely in Polish. An excellent instructor for a challenging but beautiful language. I am considering the Polish state exam, and he walked me through several exercises related to the exam. The presentation was very organized and gave me a good sense of what to expect. Lots of difficult consonant clusters. That is the challenge (and the fun) of Polish.
student Kundai opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Harare, 06.2019
My polish lessons with Lukasz have been beyond helpful for me, in terms of getting to understand the language with a better perspective, certain notions and an eager desire of wanting to know more. I can safely say i have highly benefited in the past two months i took these lessons with his enthusiasm and detailed information. He's a good teacher.
student Anita opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Amsterdam, 01.2019
Nice lesson, Łukasz is a good teacher. Heel goed! Goed voorbereid en ik vond het ook leuk.
anonymous man
Rzym, 11.2018
This was my first lesson with Łukasz. He came well prepared with a number of different materials to assess my level of Polish and discuss what would be good for me to continue learning. I am looking forward to the next lesson.
anonymous man
Glasgow, 10.2018
If you're looking for a committed, professional teacher who can immerse you in Polish culture, ensure your successful development in all areas of linguistic competence, and tailor lessons to the needs of the individual student, then I recommend Łukasz in the strongest possible terms. No to za 70 świetnych lekcji. Oby tak dalej! Fantastic teacher, providing not only an immersive linguistic experience taliored perfectly to the needs of the student, but also immersion into Polish culture. Very thankful for the 50 great lessons so far, and looking forward to many more to come.
student Julien opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Lyon, 09.2018
Excellent teacher!
student Taissa opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Grozny, 09.2018
Thank you Łukasz for our first lesson! I appreciate your professionalism and looking forward to learning more :)
student Luit opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Groningen, 08.2018
Super! Original and very good in pointing out my weaknesses. This is very important for me since I am studying for the C1 certificate. It’s hard to find a polish teacher who teaches the B2+ C1 level in a strict and precise way. Polecam!!!
anonymous man
Chicago, 07.2018
Great, felt like I was making good progress today. Thank you for your patience in exploring spelling and pronunciation with me and for getting me to read a story in Polish! I understood more than I expected to! Excellent, good pace, fun to work with.
student William opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Porto Allegre, 05.2018
Świetna lekcja! Łukasz explained the third Polish conjugation and we reviewed the previous ones. There were some exercises and also useful vocabulary related to hobbies. Dziękuję bardzo!
student Lucas opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Buenos Aires, 04.2018
Lukasz is always punctual, organized, and knows when to go faster or slower. He will always make sure that you understand, and has no problem with repeating a topic several times until completely understood. Lukasz prepared a very good lesson with helpful materials that used after to prepare for the next lesson. The lesson was great. Łukasz explains everything really well and also sends lots of extra materials related to the topics covered in the lesson after the end of the class.
It was good to start the day studying polish with him. Dziękuję bardzo, Łukasz! Looking forward the next class!
student Joas opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Lizbona, 03.2018
Motivating introduction course, enrolling with confidence!
student Ammar opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Amman, 06.2019
A great teacher. Thank you all and gratitude for everything you gave me in learning Polish. You are really a person who is very interested in how to deal with beginners in learning Polish. The most beautiful thing I saw was making the language easy to pick up in a funny way and a great way

Thank you for the beautiful smile that never leaves you, you encounter many difficulties at first, but by training us everything is easier.

Thank you, Łukasz
Dziękuję pan Łukasz
السلام عليكم..
المعلم الرائع, كل الشكر والتقدير لك عزيزي على كل شيء قدمته لي في تعلم اللغة البولندية انت فعلاً شخص تهتم بشكل كبير في كيفية التعامل مع الطلاب المبتدئين, في تعلم اللغة البولندية.. أجمل شيء رأيته كيف تجعل اللغه سهلة للمتلقي بإسلوب مرح ورائع
شكراً على ابتسامتك الجميلة التي لا تفارقك أبداً..
واجهة كثير من الصعوبات في البداية لكن من خلال تدريبك لنا كل شيء أصبح أسهل
شكراً لك.
الطالب :عمار حسن صبابحة
anonymous man
Pristina, 01.2018
Dziękuję za lekcja w bardzo dobrej atmosferze. Doskonałe doświadczenia! Dziękuje!
anonymous man
Kansas, 01.2018
Łukasz was a pleasure to learn with, he started off with the very basics and explained the language in depth which is something lacking from many other teachers. He has a clear structure and he sticks to it ensuring the basics are solid right from day 1. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their Polish.
anonymous man
Mumbaj, 10.2017
Excellent! I can recommend Łukasz as a teacher.
student Jesse opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Sztokholm, 05.2017
Great teacher, really makes sure you understand what he teaches.
student Alex opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Moskwa, 09.2017
The lesson was meticulously prepared and lived up to high standards of teaching. I am adamant that I will continue studies with Łukasz. Thank you!
student Halley opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Sao Paulo, 09.2017
Good class. Left a very good impression. Very well prepared teacher. Can not wait to continue the classes.
student Angela opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Kraków, 07.2017
Łukasz is very punctual. Takes the time to practise the sounds. Gives feedback and I feel very comfortable speaking the sounds.
Dziękuję bardzo za lekcję!
student Tanner opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
07.2017, Atlanta
Had a very good first lesson with Łukasz. He was prepared for the lesson and made me feel comfortable throughout the course of it. Can't wait to continue my studies with him as my teacher. I wanted to practice my pronunciation in polish. Since I have a lot of issues with it. A lot of new sounds to produce which are different than my native language. He prepared a lot of examples and tested my knowledge. Gave good feedback on my pronunciation and I felt really comfortable to make the sounds with the chance of failing. He gave examples of the sounds in languages with which I was familiar to make it a bit easier.
student Daniel opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Salvador, 06.2019
I've just had the first lesson and it was great! I'm looking forward to the next one!
student Maria opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Porto, 23.07.2017
Muito interessante. Será um desafio aprender a língua.
student Justin opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Waszyngton, 05.2017
I believe that Lukasz is definitely a good choice for anybody trying to learn Polish. He's very in depth and he really seems to care about his students progress. I would definitely recommend him to anybody trying to learn Polish. Especially beginners. I will definitely be scheduling future lessons with him in the very near future.
student Ella opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Kijów, 05.2017
Дуже гарно проведене заняття. :)
student Gary opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Edynburg, 04.2017
Honestly, I can't recommend Łukasz enough. He is a gold standard in how to conduct an Italki class and engage with students. He is always well prepared for lessons, brings varied materials, adjusts pace.. He is very engaging and enthusiastic about Poland and Polish language which in turn enthuses students. On top of this, he follows up with his students weekly and you feel part of a learning club. Overall excellent and can't rate highly enough!
student Brooks opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Calgary, 12.2016
Dziękuję bardzo za lekcje! Zawsze świetnie :)
student Viktória opinie popolsku.net Łukasz Załuski
Santiago de Chile, 10.2017
Subject: Łukasz Załuski Teacher of Polish for Foreigners
To Whom It May Concern:
Mr. Załuski has been chosen to teach linguistics and I am writing a letter of recommendation in support of his efforts. I cannot speak of his skill in teaching languages; however as a former student I can firmly attest to his abilities, efforts and preparedness as an educator. He always does whatever it takes to help any student understand and retain the material. His preparation is always extensive and when asked any question he would return with the correct answer as soon as possible.
He has always been an effective teacher and has utilized the class time effectively. His extensive preparation allows students to begin effective communication immediately. His cheerful attitude lends an air of spontaneity while his authoritarian control keeps the conversation directly in the learning plan. His years of teaching Polish for foreigners have given him extensive fundamental skills as a trainer.
His knowledge and use of technology in the aid and extension of his instruction is exemplary. He uses modern technologies (computer, tablet, video podcast) as well as traditional as an aid to training.
Łukasz's personal interaction in and out of the classroom shows a well-rounded charitable attitude that presents his 'a hand up! type of belief system. He gives so much in so many ways with his time. He will work with everybody who will work with him. He can see the end and works diligently toward it. He supports everyone who is willing to put forth the effort. His stamina and efforts are beyond expectation while his wisdom and understanding are expressed in gifts of friendship to those who will share their time.
Sincerely Yours
Dr. Viktória Kerć Director Chilean-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce
student Elaine
Chicago, 07.2019
What a wonderful introductory lesson with Łukasz! He did a great job assessing my level in the beginning and we worked on grammar which is exactly what I needed. He spoke at a good speed that I was able to understand the whole time. I felt comfortable the entire lesson and he has no problem stopping to explain something I don't understand. He is very knowledgeable of Polish grammar/phonetics and did an excellent job explaining everything to me in a way that is easy to understand...which I think is the true difference between a great professional teacher and tutor. The 45 minutes went by so fast! That's how I know I really enjoyed the lesson :) Dziękuję bardzo Łukasz! I will definitely book my next lesson soon!
anonymous man
Banjul, 06.2019
Lessons with Łukasz were fun and interesting. The way he interacted with us, his patience and the way he related with us was just amazing. I was able to catch up on time, understand the language and successfully passed the exams with good grades.
student szabi
Budapest, 10.2016
I had the opportunity to have Lukasz as a lecturer for almost a year. I cherished every lesson thanks to its diversity. No matter if it was grammar, speaking, writing or some cultural exercise everything was built up perfectly and brought the Polish language closer to me. Above all, Lukasz has great skills in teaching people which helped me a lot in overcoming the difficulties. It was a pleasure to co-operate with him. Dziękuje, Szabolcs
anonymous man
Czechy, 10.2019
I have just finished my first package of 10 lessons on Polish history and culture taught by Łukasz. When I see on a teacher´s profile that he or she offers something exceptional, it inevitably catches my interest. I always wonder who is the person that made an effort to create special lessons for his students. What is he like? How his lessons "taste" like? Well, I have tried them....and....hmmmm, they are really delicious. I want more! :D Thank you, Łukasz, warmly for everything you share with me. I
Student Josh
Melbourne, 06.2021
Fantastic lesson - Łukasz is very engaging, supportive and adapts the lesson to your level of proficiency. Highly recommend.
Düsseldorf, 10.2021
He is the best teacher, really help full lessons and always friendly!
Student Taylor
New Orleans, 02.2021
Very organized and structured. Łukasz adapted his speed to match me. Wonderful materials and a really engaging lesson. Thank you for the great lesson.
anonymous man
Bruxelles, 03.2021
Good intro lesson. Felt comfortable and we quickly measured my level of Polish and my weaker points (cases grammar). Used multiple methods in Skype to test and practice.

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