13 September 2019

When were you born? 🇬🇧

Łukasz Załuski
Łukasz Załuski

Reading dates in Polish is often a challenge. Here is a simple way to remember how to spell and read days, months and years in Polish correctly.

daty po polsku dates in Polish language
Aby dobrze przeczytać datę po polsku, trzeba pamiętać o końcówkach dopełniacza. 📸Łukasz Załuski / PoPolsku.net

First of all, remember that we can ask two different questions: “What day is today?” And “When …?”, For example “When is your birthday?” Or “In what year did you come to Poland for a first time?”.

Let’s start with the question “When”. Here you have such a formula to remember: DDMD. What is it? Of course! Dopełniacz-Dopełniacz-Mianownik-Dopełniacz. To read: day and month, use Dopełniacz, to read the year – use the Mianownik first (for the first two digits), followed by Dopełniacz again – for the last two digits of the annual date.

daty po polsku dates polish language
D-D-M-D to wzór do zapamiętania! 📸Łukasz Załuski / PoPolsku.net

The second question you can ask is: “Which day is today?”. In this situation we are dealing with a small change. The formula is: M-D-M-D. It means that only the day is read differently.

daty po polsku dates polish language
M-D-M-D to nowy wzór do zapamiętania! 📸Łukasz Załuski / PoPolsku.net

Let’s practice!

Please read the following dates:

When did that happen?






Do you know what happened then?

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