4 October 2019
12 months in Polish 🇬🇧
Polish for foreigners Months

Here’s how to quickly remember the Polish names of months.

13 September 2019
When were you born? 🇬🇧
daty po polsku

Reading dates in Polish is often a challenge. Here is a simple way to remember how to spell and read days, months and years in Polish correctly.

2 August 2019
Do not be afraid of pronouns! 🇬🇧
polish language personal pronouns zaimki osobowe

I’m sure you know personal pronouns in the nominative case –> ja, ty, on, ona…
All right, it’s easy. Have you ever thought about all other cases? No worries, it’s not that bad neither!

15 June 2019
From Cracow to Madrid – what cities and grammar have in common 🇬🇧
travel podróż polish language

When traveling around Poland or Europe, it is worth remembering about the right endings of the Genetive case.

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