Survival Polish

rybak (a fisherman)
📸 michalkrk

✓ One week intensive Polish course
✓ 10 lessons (120 minutes each)
✓ Focus on the key communication skills
✓ Basic vocabulary and daily expressions
✓ Course without an in-depth analysis of grammar issues
✓ Speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary, phonetics (the pronunciation of words)
✓ If you want: homework, vocabulary and grammar handouts
✓ Personalized flashcard app that will help you to learn vocabulary
✓ Coursebook & other materials included for group courses
✓ Invoice if needed

Class SizeCourse HoursCourse LengthOne lessonFee
1 student10 lessons7 days120 minutes1780 PLN
2–4 students10 lessons7 days120 minutes1520 PLN
5–6 students10 lessons7 days120 minutes1240 PLN

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