Workshops – Correct and Effective Communication in the Company

Why it is worth it

Carefully edited and error-free correspondence coming out of the company is its best showcase. The ability to communicate correctly ensures understanding and, more importantly, prevents potential errors in the transmission of information that may result in incomprehension between business partners.

For whom

The training was created for the employees of the marketing, communication and PR, HR and sales departments who have contact with external partners every day, create press releases, company correspondence, offers and newsletters, as well as for those who want to develop simple and correct communication.

What can you learn

During the course we will discuss the most important spelling, inflectional, syntactic and stylistic issues helpful in the construction of texts and company statements – written or verbal. In addition to theoretical knowledge, participants will take part in practical exercises devoted to both the form and content of statements.

Part of the classes will be devoted to discussion and analysis of language borrowings. Based on the experience of the company’s employees, the so-called newspeak used as an internal communication code in business will also be discussed. During the workshop part, participants will work with specific examples of written and verbal communication in their company.

The training program is tailored to the participants, the industry of the company they work in and the specificity of the department and position held. For example, training for employees in PR and communication puts more focus on elements of journalistic language, while training for sales departments focuses on effective and correct editing of offers.

What topics can be raised

  1. Polish language culture in a company
  2. The most common language errors in company documents – discussion and analysis on specific examples
  3. Telephone conversation – basic rules of linguistic correctness
  4. Language correctness quiz – self-diagnosis of own language problems
  5. Stylistic rules and ways to accurately write thoughts
  6. Text analysis in terms of the suitability and appropriateness of linguistic means used in it
  7. Examples of bad and good PR messages
  8. Elements of journalistic language useful during the editing of company texts (leads, inverted pyramid, 5Ws rule)
  9. Spelling – capital letters, variation of names, using numerals and dates – a reminder of the basic principles and how to remember them effectively
  10. Company dictation – a game aimed at detecting the most common errors in the business terminology record
  11. Punctuation – how to avoid mistakes and why it is worth knowing the difference between a dash and a hyphen
  12. Grammar – a reminder of often forgotten rules for creating correct statements
  13. The structure of a document and the standardization of the text
  14. Font and layout on the page
  15. Courteous/polite forms and expressions
szkolenia dla firm
The training in correct language communication in the company lasts one or two days. (📸 Austin Distel)

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